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Stewed Deep Red Plums « Fruit City

Stewed Deep Red Plums

There are so many varieties of plums that you can use and even the sour ones are delicious. Pop a few plums into a casserole with beef, pork for a fruity note. When roasting potatoes with meat just as cooking time is ending, stick a few plums in the baking tray until they are soft. In some countries green plums are eaten with salt. Probably not for the English palate. Don’t worry if the plums are not ripe and delicious. Nothing is better than cooked plums sitting in their own juice for breakfast with muesli.

- 6 large deep red plums or 12 small ones

- 2 tablespoons of dark or white sugar

- 3 cloves

Wash plums. Do not remove the stones. Cover with water and mix in sugar and 3-4 cloves. Bring to boil, cover pot and simmer gently until soft about 15 minutes. Less time required for small ones. They should be firm, keep their shape. Do not let them go mushy. If you want to serve these for dessert with a scoop of ice cream keep them for a day or more in the fridge.The juice will fatten the plums and the stones thicken the juice.
They are exquisite plain as the layers of flavour are enhanced by the cooking. You can add a few cardamoms or a stick of cinnamon instead of cloves for a spicier touch. At dessert time a good splash of Amaretto or Plum Brandy can be intriguing.

Stewed Deep Red Plums