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Armenian Stewed pears « Fruit City

Armenian Stewed pears

Pears cooked with Wine or Archbishop’s Tipple
- 6 firm pears – 4 tablespoons sugar, dark or white as preferred

- Pint water or two cups

- 5 Cloves or stick of cinnamon

- Glass of red wine

- Optional a tablespoon, Williamsbirne or

- Cointreau or Port or Cointreau
The pear is an aristocrat in the realm of fruit. My grandmother, Hajigul would pick up a pear, sniff it and turn down her nose, ‘What’s this? Call this a pear? Oh, if you could see the pears of Kayseri. Each one as big as your head. And when you brought it inside the whole house was perfumed.’ She cast her eyes heavenwards. I live in hope of meeting one of those pears.
Peel the pears leaving the stem intact. Cover with water and sugar, add preferred spice or not. Bring to boil then cover and simmer for 10 mins on low heat then add the wine for a further five minutes. For those with a sweet tooth you can step up the sugar but the natural sweetness of the fruit is usually enough. A paring of lemon peel can be added while it cools. You could float some halves of blanched almond in the juice.
For a dinner dessert you can inebriate the pears further with some Marsala, Port or even Williamsbirne, Pear Spirits if you have some handy, or Cointreau if you don’t.
These are exquisite plain, without ice cream or cream which diminishes the noble fruit flavour.

Armenian Stewed pears