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Tree Climbing Tips « Fruit City

Tree Climbing Tips

from the Ninja Tree Cloud Soaring Specialist.

This section is to help you get to fruit that is out of reach. To get you to the sweetest sun kissed berry at the top of the tree – safely and in one piece. And to bring you closer and up into the trees that surround you.
When climbing trees, you must only climb to where you feel comfortable. But equally it is true that to progress your skill you must try new things, practice and push yourself. Never drink and climb, and do not fall. Shoes are optional and a totally personal choice. Free toes can provide superior stability and grip, but rubber can give you friction and protection.

On approaching a tree, circle it a few times and take a good look. Do a pre-flight check. Scope out the main big branches, and imagine your way up. You may see some obvious routes and some nice way-points. It is crucial that your mood is balanced, happy and most importantly respectful. You must be respectful, because if not, the tree may take offence and throw you out! Ridiculous as this sounds, it is true. If you are wrapped with negative thoughts and greed, your mind is imbalanced and your body will follow. Make friends with the tree and do not be scared. Be excited and enjoy it.

There are few real ‘rules’ to climbing, but this is the base advice.

Triangulation: Keep three limbs in contact with the tree at all times. If one foot is securely placed, so should two hands or arms be. And if two feet are solid, one hand should grip strong round a branch.
Holding the smallest sprout or branch, that would normally break under your weight, can be used effectively to maintain your balance.

Although not strong, will take some of your weight, but more importantly gives your body and mind a reference point which aids your spatial awareness and balance. This is a more advanced tip for use when balance, skill and confidence are gained, but good to understand and begin to explore from the outset.

Be safe, Have fun